Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme – London

Transport for London cycle hire scheme. The TfL-led scheme will provide, operate and maintain 6,000 bicycles for hire in Central London and 850 docking stations offering over 10,000 docking points across nine London boroughs, and will initially cover an area of approximately 44 square kilometres roughly equivalent to Transport for London’s central fare zone.

Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme – London

The Challenge

Serco identified the need to illuminate the maps using low power LEDs and so the search began to find a supplier who could supply a high quality lighting solution within the required 8 week lead time for design, approval, manufacture and delivery – a tough call!

The Solution

In April 2010 Zeta won the contract to supply Zeta Ultra-White LED Light Guide Panels. Using their patented Light Guide Panel technology, Zeta were able to provide an even illumination level exceeding 1000 Lux, together with complimentary driver electronics. As part of the project Zeta also invented their proprietary ‘Anti-Dot’ application to overcome bright spots from the LEDs.

Key Benefits

Each of the docking stations has a stylish monolith providing up to three maps of the local area which improves wayfinding throughout the borough for pedestrians as well as cyclists.

The Scheme was launched on 3rd December 2010 and has so far achieved nearly 8 million cycle hires to date (up to 9th October 2011).

Cycle Hire is now transforming the way that people make short trips around central London, and has become the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly form of public transport ever seen in the British Capital.

On November 10, 2010 it was announced that the System would expand eastward to the Olympic site. This expansion is stated to be completed by the end of 2011. The Cycle Hire Scheme has been awarded’s Top 10 best new transit systems in the world and is shortlisted for the prestigious Brit Insurance Design Awards.

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