Nicholas King Homes Plc, Penn, Beaconsfield

Zeta Specialist Lighting provided an innovative solar-powered wayfinding solution to illuminate the exterior of Nicholas King Homes‘ development at Hammersley Lane, Penn, Beaconsfield.

Nicholas King Homes Plc, Penn, Beaconsfield

The Challenge

Fieldgrove Place, Hammersley Lane, is a small and exclusive development in the village of Penn, Beaconsfield. The gated development features five family homes, each of which has a high standard interior specification.

Nicholas King Homes was looking for an environmentally-friendly, aesthetic solution to provide illumination both at the entrance to the development and along the shared road leading to each of the homes.

The Solution

Zeta recommended the SmartScape Solar Bollard. This uniquely designed solar-powered exterior lighting system is available in sustainbly-sourced hardwood, extruded aluminium and performa-cast polymer bodies. It features for integrated solar PV panels, an intelligent lithium-ion battery, two motion-detecting PIR sensors and two LED lights.

The two integrated solar PV panels are mounted into each side of the bollard ensuring daylight is captured from all angles throughout the day, thus maximising the power available at night. The in-built downlight reflector and integrated lens offer even illumination and a wide spread of light. One LED runs continuously at a low level to ensure that the bollard are activated to increase the light levels within a five metre range (each side of the unit). A unique LED acrylic marker light also ensures the bollard is visible from a distance.

Nicholas King Homes selected the sustainably-sourced hardwood variant. Zeta provided eight SmartScape Solar Bollards in total. Two to be installed at the entrance of the gated community and six further ones strategically positioned on the shared road leading to each of the individual properties.

Key Benefits

For Nicholas King Homes, sustainability was high on the decision-making process. Zeta’s low carbon, environmentally-friendly solar-powered solution met this objective as the overall environmental impact of a lighting scheme powered by solar is considerably lower than one which is powered by electricity.

With solar-powered solutions both the cost and time associated with installation are minimal. There is no requirement to lay cabling or to link in to a mains connection, and the SmartScape Solar Bollard comes with surface and root mounting options, making it extremely easy to install.

Additional benefits of solar-powered lighting systems compared to traditional lighting solutions include the fact that ongoing running costs are ultra-low. The LEDs are long lasting and require little or no maintenance, plus there’s no ongoing energy bills to pay. All of this combines delivered a wholly cost-efficient, long-term solution to illuminate this exclusive development.


We chose the SmartScape Solar Bollard, as the idea of using a solar product was very appealing to us. This was for the obvious 'green reasons' as well as being cost-efficient for our customers in the future, along with the usability factor - in terms of virtually zero maintenance. Added to that we really liked the look of the product.
Susan Jacquest, Sales & Marketing Director - Nicholas King Homes Plc
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