Magdalen College – Oxford

Riverside walk project, LED bollards at Magdalen College. Magdalen College was founded in 1458 by William Waynflete. Their rich history gives them many traditions but they also have pride in their modern and progressive outlook. Addisons walk is a picturesque footpath surrounding a small island in the River Cherwell situated within the grounds of Magdalen College.

Magdalen College – Oxford

The Challenge

Magdalen College has some of the most hauntingly beautiful buildings of Oxford and sits amid a hundred acres of woodlands, riverside walks and lawns. With this beauty needing to be preserved, Magdalen College asked Zeta whether they could enhance the appearance of the footpath along Addisons walk and add to safety by illuminating the odd hazard such as tree roots.

The Solution

In response Zeta offered Magdalen College their low powered, LED bollards. Magdalen College formerly had many low level teak light posts to define paths but nothing fancy to compliment the surroundings. At just 1000mm above ground, Zeta’s LED bollards would not be unsightly or spoil the riverside view.

Key Benefits

Zeta’s LED bollards use low powered, bright, rugged LED guidance lights encased in a stainless steel body. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours Zeta’s LED lights are guaranteed to last with little or no maintenance. The LED lights are placed within quality hardwood to ensure a long span whilst blending well with their surroundings. Zeta positioned their low powered LED bollards evenly along the pathway of Addisons walk and ensured the LEDs were angled appropriately to illuminate the whole pathway and bring to light the beauty of the footpath.

Staff and students are very pleased with Zeta’s LED bollards and they are enjoying the benefits. The splendor of Addisons walk can now be enjoyed from dusk to dawn and during dark winter months.

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