LED Road Signs – London

Zeta design LED Road signs for the city of London and Camden in Greater London.

LED Road Signs – London

The Challenge

Road signs are essential across the world for the implementation of traffic management schemes and for the enforcement of road traffic law. They are designed to give motorists clear and helpful information relating to the road they are travelling on.

Zeta were asked if they could provide mains powered road signs that would be maintenance free with a good level of illumination. The light output would need to compete with the traditional fluorescent arm lighting currently used for the majority of road signs.

The Solution

In response, Zeta offered their distinctive mains connected LED road sign.

Zeta provided a roundabout located in Camden with five 600mm, turn left LED signs.

Key Benefits

The Zeta LED Road Sign operates on a low voltage and offers significant illumination and energy savings when compared to traditional road signs.

Zeta’s highly innovative award winning LED edge lit acrylic panel uses encapsulated low power ultra efficient white LED technology offering superior and even illumination. With a lifespan of 39,500 hours the road sign is cost effective, it has reduced maintenance and running costs and it has no disposal or annual replacement costs.

Hearing and seeing the success of the Zeta LED Road signs, the City of London placed a large order, and with help from Ark, Zeta fulfilled their order for eight 600mm, no vehicle signs, eight rectangular, new cycle super highway signs and eight 450mm, circular side street signs.


This was the first major install of Zeta LED Road signs in London, feedback has been very good and they have placed a further order based on this.

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