Brigstock Parish Council, Brigstock

Zeta Specialist Lighting’s SmartScape street and area lighting solutions have enabled Brigstock Parish Council to significantly reduce its energy bills, as well as save around £2,500 per year previously spent on lighting maintenance.

Brigstock Parish Council, Brigstock

The Challenge

The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining street lighting within the village and along pedestrian pathways. The majority of the legacy lighting had been in-situ since the early 1900s and comprised an eclectic mix of brackets mounted on houses and old-style wooden telegraph poles, standard aluminium/steel poles, as well as three heritage-style lanterns located on the link road past the village church.

With energy bills and maintenance bills continuing to rise, the Council decided to upgrade to energy-saving LED technology. It invited a number of LED street light providers to provide recommendations and quotes, selecting Zeta’s solution largely because of its aesthetic appeal.

Having established that the energy savings over a five-year term were in excess of the original spend – a pre-requisite from its loan provider – the Council was able to secure an interest-free loan to complete the upgrade.

The Solution

Zeta provided 110 SmartScape Nano LED streetlights. For optimal performance, the SmartScape Nano features a reliable, programmable driver, long life LEDs, and delivers all dimming options and a range of currents in a single unit, for exceptional operating efficiency.

In addition, its SmartScape Heritage LED retro-fit solution which is available in a range of wattage variants, enabled the Council to retain rather than replace the heritage-style lanterns near the church. Its integrated engine can be engineered to fit into a vast range of different heritage lantern shapes and sizes, making it a wholly flexible retro-fit solution for heritage-style lighting in residential areas.

Key Benefits

The village’s legacy lighting was a varied mix of sodium and mercury lamps. Zeta’s SmartScape Nano streetlight utilises UV-resistant, robust, silicone lens technology which ensures excellent transparency and high optical efficiency, and the LEDs deliver superior illumination and improved colour rendering.

The energy-efficient SmartScape Nano features intelligent cooling technology that ensures optimum heat dissipation, it can run as low as 8W and has a Luminaire Efficacy of between 130 and 150lm/W.

Zeta’s solution addressed the Council’s key objective – to reduce energy bills. SmartScape Nano consumes up to 70% less power than conventional technologies and delivers additional environmental benefits as it also reduces carbon emissions at the same level. The Council expects to realise a saving of around £1,000 per quarter on its energy bills.

The Council achieved further savings by Zeta’s dimming regime – the lights run at just 18W and are dimmed to 12W after midnight. The legacy SOX and SON lights ranged from 55W to 70W.

With an LED lifetime of >100,000 hrs, Zeta’s SmartScape Nano and Heritage significantly reduce the cost to manage and maintain the lighting – in this case delivering an additional £2,500 per annum in maintenance savings for the Council.


Achieving cost savings was the over-riding objective and we are very happy to have reduced energy consumption and our bills. Another advantage is the additional savings we will achieve as we no longer require a maintenance contract. Zeta’s solution was favoured largely because of its aesthetic appeal, we are very pleased with both the
quality of light and the overall look. In particular the dimming functionality is particularly beneficial.
Nigel Searle, Clerk, Brigstock Parish Council
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