Zeta Propulsa 1 Electric Car Charger Bicester Cattle Market


Zeta has an innovative Design team continually pushes the boundaries of product development using the latest industry-standard modelling and software tools to ensure product compliance and test.

EZ Charge Cattle Market

EV Chargers

On-the-go charging has never been more reliable or easier. ZETA EV Chargers are designed, developed and built in the UK specifically for public charging to keep people moving. Our public charging solutions are intelligently designed to offer reliable, safe, and easy charging for all electric vehicles.

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Led lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting provides numerous benefits, including enhanced energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting sources. The technology's flexibility allows for versatile design options and vibrant colour displays, making it ideal for both practical and decorative applications.

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Led signage

LED Signage

LED signage offers a combination of energy efficiency, longevity, flexibility, and visual appeal, making it a popular and practical choice for various applications.

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