Zeta Shortlisted for Two Elektra Awards!

Zeta Specialist Lighting has been shortlisted for two Elektra Awards in highly sought after categories.

Zeta Shortlisted for Two Elektra Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Zeta has been shortlisted for not one… but two Elektra Awards!

The LED 360 Light has been shortlisted in the LED Lighting Product of the Year category and up for the Renewable Energy Design award is Zeta’s Solar Poster case kit.

The LED 360 Light is a portable emergency LED lighting solution, designed and developed for VersarPPS, a leading UK manufacturer of decontamination and personal protective equipment.

Designed, developed and manufactured at Zeta’s Bicester HQ, the unique LED 360 Light is a robust, innovative and energy saving solution for temporary and emergency lighting applications.

Read more about the LED 360 Light here…

Zeta’s Solar Poster Case Kit combines Zeta PV Panels, Light Guide Panels, Batteries and intelligent Energy Management System to provide the ultimate solution for poster case lighting. Energy efficient and cost saving, Zetas solar powered LED solution eliminates disruption, delays for grid connection and light pollution.

Read more about the Zeta Solar Poster Case Kit here…

We’re extremely excited to attend the event on the 24th November, and hope it will be a night to remember for Zeta!

For more information on the awards please click here…

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